Veterans Park Improvement Project (Formerly Village Pond Park)

Pond Completion Set for Fall 2018

March , 2018 - Crews will begin pouring the concrete pond edges at Veterans Park in mid-March, with substantial completion of the reconstruction of the pond expected in Fall 2018.

Grading for the work has finished, allowing Pacific Aqucascape, the pond construction subcontractor, to move ahead with the edge work. The new pond design includes the complete reconstruction of the pond wall, including the addition of an 8-foot-wide, concrete safety ledge just beneath the water around the edge of the pond.

A new pond aeration system will also be installed to improve water quality, along with a new pond liner to ensure no leaking will occur. Also coming to the park: a monument to veterans.

On November 21, 2017, the Council approved the design for a monument at the park to honor the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. Veterans Park, formerly known as Village Pond Park, will have five monuments around a majestic tree. The monuments honor the Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy. Each etched concrete monument will have a bronze seal of the branch of the service it represents, topped with a mosaic folded American flag.

During the removal of the sidewalk around the perimeter of the pond, it was discovered that the pond wall was deteriorated and beyond repair. At the September 5, 2017 City Council meeting, Council approved additional funds to design a new pond wall due to the deterioration of the existing wall around the perimeter of the pond. 

A construction contract for the monument area has not been approved, so an overall project deadline has not been set.

November 16, 2017The resident Design Committee for Veterans Park has worked to develop potential concepts for a monument to honor the men and women who have served our country. On Tuesday, November 21, City Council will review the Conceptual Design for a Veterans monument at the park. The artwork is available for viewing below.

Village Pond Park Gets a New Name

On July 18, 2017, City Council agreed to rename Village Pond Park to Veterans Park upon completion of the construction project and re-dedication of the park.

Construction Camera


Village Pond Park is at 23102 Ridge Route Drive. The 4.7-acre park includes a pond approximately one acre in size. Village Pond Park is unique, in that the park is maintained by the City, and the Lake Forest Community Homeowner's Association (Association) is responsible for pond maintenance based on a 1976 agreement originally between the Association and the County of Orange. In 1991, the City became the successor to the County.
Overpopulation and public feeding of waterfowl has contributed to water quality issues of the pond and has complicated maintenance and the public's enjoyment of the park. Over the past few years, the City has continued to work with the Association on water quality matters, adopted a Wildlife Ordinance prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl, and launched educational outreach efforts. In addition, the City and landscape architect, Nuvis, have held numerous community workshops to gather input regarding potential park improvements. Based on community input, a Final Design is available for viewing, and incorporates best practices and proposed features designed to discourage the overpopulation of waterfowl. 

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Village Pond Park Final Design
The new features include:
  • Entry plazas
  • Low fences to control waterfowl access
  • Additional trees
  • Reduced amount of turf
  • Use plants not favored by waterfowl
  • Creation of a floating island and addition of fountains to disrupt flight patterns.
  • Boulders and large shrubs around the pond to discourage nesting
  • Construct an irrigation system to improve water circulation and quality.

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